Offshoretage 17.-19.03.2020 in Boltenhagen


March 21st 2019

Forum 1 Fascination Offshore!?

Program subject to alterations

9:30     Welcome and moderation
Dr. Volker Buddensiek, Journalist Renewable Energies

Block I General

9:35     20 years of offshore wind energy in Germany – first visions became reality
Klaus Övermöhle, Övermöhle Consult & Marketing

10:05   Wind Atlas: Offshore wind potential in the North and Baltic Seas
Dr. Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp, anemos Gesellschaft für Umweltmeteorologie mbH

10:35   Added value in Offshore Windenergy in Germany- a current investigation
Dirk Briese, wind:research GmbH

11:10   Coffee Break

Block II Legal

11:40   Order on the sea: The new land development plan
Dr. Ursula Prall, CEO Foundation OFFSHORE WINDENERGIE, Becker Büttner Held

12:10   Innovation by energy omnibus bill and news about wind energy on WindSeeG
Dr. Florian Brahms, BRAHMS & KOLLEGEN Lawyers

12:40   The „legally compliant“ offshore company- rights and obligations for the corporate organization
Bernd Albrecht, DAG Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft

13:25   Lunch

Block III Sector coupling – Offshore

14:20   Sector coupling – potentials, opportunities and risks
Dirk Briese, wind: research GmbH

14:50   Lecture title will be announced
Prof. Dr. Carsten Fichter, University of Bremerhaven

Block IV Practice

15:20   Challenges in installing and operating offshore wind farms
Paula Segelken, BWO Bundesverband der Windparkbetreiber Offshore eV

15:45 Optimizing Operations – Implementation Lessons Learned – Supporting Global Expansion – Attracting New Investors
Jan Engelbert, Ørsted Wind Power Germany GmbH

16:10   Coffee Break

16:40 Surveillance strategies for securing the stability of offshore wind turbines- modern services and reporting concept
Holger Fritsch & Frank Köllner, Bachmann Monitoring GmbH and Ronny Langer, Nordsee One GmbH

17:05 CMS view at the end of warranty (EoW) of offshore wind turbines – Recognize claims and secure claims!
Bernd Höring, 8.2 Monitoring GmbH

17:30 Review: Information film on wind power use offshore- a film project from 1999-2000

Initiator and editor Klaus Övermöhle of Övermöhle Consult is on site

18:15   Reception in the exhibition and dinner in the Kurhaus

Forum 2 Technics, Innovation, Humans & Nature

Program subject to alterations

09:30 Welcome and moderation
Ralph Brendler, RB Unternehmensberatung

09:35 Great potential in screw connections for cost savings and quality improvement
Patrick Junkers, HYTORC – Barbarino & Kilp GmbH

09:55 More space, less heat and less weight in the control cabinet – AirSTREAM wiring system
Roland Schmidt, Friedrich Lütze GmbH

10:15 Roxtec – technical reason for specification
Matthias Brück, Roxtec GmbH

10:35 Technological potential for preload microsensors in harsh environment applications
Arndt Steinke, CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH

10:55 Uhr Integrated CMS
Andreas Franke, Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

11:15 Coffee Break

11:40 New Ways in Condition Monitoring
Dr. Brit Hacke, cms@wind GmbH

12:00 Holistic view of wind farms
Jens Müller-Nielsen, ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH

12:20 Assessment of the foundation structure of offshore wind turbines with Structural Health Monitoring
Gregor Enß, Wölfel Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

12:40 Structural Health Monitoring of Offshore Wind Structures: Current Industry Practice and Roadmap
Jens Krieger, airwerk GmbH

13:00 Brüel & Kjær Vibro– Produkte & Strategien
Rüdiger Wedow, Brüel & Kjær Vibro GmbH

13:20 Lunch

14:20 Prioritize maintenance jobs with a software assistant
Thomas Zapp, GreenGate AG

14:40 Are you safe? challenges and some approaches to IT security & protection and possible solutions
Thomas Kapsch, msg services ag

15:00 Short coffee and change break

BLOCK II Humans & Nature

15:10 Moderation: Dr. Jens Lüdeke, BEUTH HOCHSCHULE FÜR TECHNIK BERLIN

15:15 News on clearance of UXO for offshore wind farms
Ulrich Schneider, SeaTerra GmbH

15:40 Archaeology under water? European development trends in the management of monuments in marine spatial planning
Dr. Philip Lüth, Dr. Lüth Archäologie & Beratung

16:05 The influence of offshore wind and its minimization on sound insulation
Dr. Eva Philipp, Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH

16:30 Coffee Break

16:50 Occupational Safety Management in the Offshore Wind Industry – Status and Challenges
Bodo Lehwald, HSEQ Experts GmbH

17:15 Lecture title will be announced (Live-Rescue)
Thomas Kuhn, Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH

17:40 Challenges for occupational, health and environmental protection for the new generation of wind turbines 10 MW +
Erik Schmidt, 8.2 Consulting AG

18:05 The Wind Energy Qualification Jungle – Standards, Guidelines and Additional Professional Qualifications
Sebastian Fleper, Heinemann Projektberatung

18:30 Reception at the exhibition and dinner in the Kurhaus

March 22nd 2019

Forum 1 Offshore International

Program subject to alteration

09:30 Welcome and moderation
Christian Witt, Spreewind GmbH

BLOCK IV Offshore International

09:35 Uhr Offshore in Taiwan: Challenges in corporate development
Marcel Meins, Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH

10:05 Offshore Investments in Poland – support measures according to the Offshore Act
Dominik Sołtysiak, BSJP Sp.k.

10:35 Offshore wind energy in the Nordics
Jan Knievel, Centrica Energy Trading A/S

11:05 Scotland offshore wind energy and sector coupling potential
Meinolf Otto, Scottish Development International

11:35 Coffee break

12:00 Offshore in France: A comparison of legal frameworks
Dr. Florian Brahms, BRAHMS & KOLLEGEN Rechtsanwälte

12:30 Offshore in France: General Overview
Stéphanie Jallet, DFBEW Deutsch Französisches Büro für die Energiewende e.V.

12:50 Offshore in France: Insight energy law and legal framework Offshore

13:20 Lunch and end of event

See you in 2020